It is an undeniable fact that if you want to make it in forex trading, you must have knowledge. Where can you acquire those needed knowledge? You have to turn to the top 10 best website forex review.

They have always been a great source of education for forex traders whenever they need to know something. However, with the explosion of Internet nowadays, there seem to be countless of websites like that on the net. So how can we know which one can be trusted and which one is not? In today’s article, I will break down what makes a good forex review website and which sites you should follow.

To be able to trade forex, you must equip yourself with a certain amount of knowledge. You can find the necessary knowledge through searching the 10 best forex review websites. However, there are countless review websites on the internet and finding a reliable source of information is not easy. This article from Mr. Mario Draghi of BRKV Forex will help you solve this problem.


Almost all review sites are focusing on reviewing forex brokers, because that is the hottest topic when it comes to forex trading. But sometimes brokers can pay those sites to give them good reviews. So how can we identify a reliable forex review website?
Various brokers reviewed
To make sure no broker is paying that site, you should check how many brokers they talk about. If they review a lot of brokers (I think around 20 or more brokers can be considered “a lot of”), they sure are more reliable. If you are getting paid to praise one broker, that broker will not be happy if they see you talk about others. So the number of the brokers mentioned on that site is the first criteria.
Bring out the dark side
Of course, when you write a review on something, you must mention the strength as well as the weakness of it. The same is applied to reviewing forex brokers. No broker is perfect. We can agree on that. Therefore, when you can only read the good things about a broker, it’s very likely that that broker is paying the site to write that article. A reliable forex review site must show the good and bad aspects of every forex broker. 

A good site is a site for all class of forex traders: from beginners to experts. Some sites I know only focus on the professionals and talk only about charts, analysis, how to make money, strategies... Don’t get me wrong. Those things are important too and they will help you make money. However, I think that to be the most reliable forex review websites, you must also take into account the basics of forex trading so that newcomers can learn. The basics, for example, are forex definition, broker definition, spread, leverage, swap, accounts, commission, slippage, quote, or margin... You never know when you’re going to need those information again.
This category is mostly about the design of the site. To meet reader’s needs, a website should place the most important articles on top. They should have suitable related posts. The text and pictures on the site should be big and easy to read. Articles should be organized systematically in categories and tags so that readers can know where to find what they need.
If you need my recommendation, here are my choice for the most reliable forex websites:


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